Top 3 Wedding Makeup Tips

I’ve done a few wedding makeup jobs in my time, as a makeup enthusiast its one of my favorite things to do. Before I did my first makeup job for a friend’s wedding, I made sure to get some sound advice from makeup artists on the best wedding makeup tips for the most beautiful bridal makeup.

Tip 1:

Less is not necessarily more, but bridal makeup does have to be a bit heavier than every day makeup simply because it needs to photograph well. This doesn’t mean that you go overboard and slap it all over your face, but knowing where to put the ‘more’ is the key:

  • Eyes – use “light-catching” eye-shadow (frosty colors are best) at the brow-bone arch, the centre of the eye-lid and the corner of the eye. This will create an optical illusion that the eye is fuller, wider and more defined.
  • Lips – another optical illusion for a pouty lip is the use the same highlight for the eyes in the centre of the lips. Simply press the shadow with a finger into the lipstick – this will not add color, but it will catch the light. You can also contour the lips by using a slightly darker tone in the corners of the mouth which will accentuate the pouty look.

Tip 2:

The best wedding makeup tip I’ve ever come across is to use an airbrush makeup foundation. There are major benefits from airbrushing which really have to be seen to be believed. Not only is the coverage supreme, but the products are really long lasting. Your makeup won’t budge throughout the entire wedding, reception or that one on one time with the new hubby! (Every bride’s dream) Contouring can also be done very easily with an airbrush and it often looks much more realistic than when done manually.

Tip 3:

Steer clear of red lips. Not only do neutral and pink colors look more subtle, but red lips are more likely to kiss-off and smudge. They can also make teeth look yellow. (gasp) The one thing I know is that brides want to look like the best version of themselves and they don’t want to have so much makeup on that they look like a complete stranger. You certainly don’t want to have to spend an hour taking off loads of caked-on makeup on your wedding night. For more wedding makeup tips and secrets take a look at the link below.

10 Great Tips to Get Gorgeous Wedding Flowers

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From the rings to the shoes, from the food to the flowers, weddings come at no small cost. It only makes sense that current brides and grooms-to-be are choosing to penny-pinch wherever possible. Wedding flowers often become the first casualty of a budget-minded couple’s matrimonial plans, but there are many tricks of the trade which will allow you to lavish your ceremony with floral bliss and not break the bank. Use these excellent tips to minimize spending and get the biggest bang for your buck!

1. Choose Flowers in Season

This is a critical money-saver. It is also important to keep in mind that flowers look and smell best when they are fresh and in season. This is especially true for roses. But if you have your heart set on a particular flower that holds sentimental value for you, it would be wise to plan your ceremony around the time period it will be in seasonal bloom.
Although flowers in season will give you a beautifully scented bouquet, use caution with the flowers you choose to include in any centerpieces at your reception. The fragrances that come from flowers as gardenia, jasmine or freesia can be overwhelming and may not be the best choice for dining tables. Overpowering flowers might also stir up any allergies that your guests may have.

2. Do it yourself

When considering the daunting task of preparing and designing the wedding floral arrangements on your own, take the time to fully consider all of the responsibilities that will come with such a task. Questions that you might want to ask yourself are:

o Am I motivated enough?

o Will I have enough time to arrange bouquets/centerpieces before the ceremony?

o How much money will I save vs. how much work is involved?

Many women find that, in the interest of saving money, they end up learning a costly lesson. It is important to remember the many challenges involved with coordinating what may be the most important event of your life. You may be able to find a relative or member of the bridal party who would be willing to help you assemble your floral arrangements and bouquets. Think of the fun you would have spending your last days as a bachelorette with your best friends!

If you find yourself industrious enough to go it alone, there are many quick courses in floral design that are available through local community colleges and arts-and-crafts stores such as Michaels.

The internet is a fantastic resource to take advantage of, as well! Web sites such as offer free instructional lessons that will tell you not only which flowers work best in a bouquet, but provide valuable steps designed to help you put your arrangements together successfully. You might also want to check for wedding ceremonies that will be held on the same day as yours. Chances are good that you could share the expense of the ceremony flowers with another couple looking to do the same!

Keep in mind, however, that even if opting for the “budget bridal bouquet”, remember that it is a very key aspect of the wedding and should be an expression of the bride’s personality. Try to keep a sense of balance between the wedding gown, the bridesmaid’s gowns, the ceremony flowers and decorations and the bouquet.

From that point, the other flowers, such as the bridesmaid’s flowers, the flowers at the reception can follow the theme and take on the elements of the bride’s bouquet. Current colors for 2006 are chocolate with pale pink, baby blue or mint green. Colors generally follow the trends of interior designing.

Consult with a florist. This could cost up to $100 in consultation fees, but their wealth of knowledge is sure to add a professional polish to the finished product. If you take into account the fact that florists can generally charge 3 times the price that a wholesaler would and charge additional labor costs for designing and assembling the flowers, you would still be saving money.

Buy your flowers from a wholesaler. Wholesalers sell their flowers much more cheaply than a florist does. If you decide to deal with a floral wholesaler, it is important to know that they use a grading system. When choosing your flowers, make sure that you choose Grade 1 flowers. You can locate many floral wholesalers online. actually offers “Wedding in a Box” packages of varying sizes that come with all the flowers necessary to create the look that you want. has a similar package, which even includes items such as the cake knife and ring pillow!

If you are getting married in the spring/summer time, visit the farmer’s market and talk with the flowers vendors. Find out if they grow the flowers that you are looking for and don’t be shy to ask if they have ever done weddings. Always be sure to ask them what they do with the flowers that they don’t sell. You might be able to grab large amounts of them for a steal!

Tip: Try using masses of one flower to showcase the flower’s individual beauty.

3. Use a school

Most high schools and colleges have horticulture classes that specialize in caring for and arranging flowers and plants. For a small fee, you could hire these aspiring florists who would be thrilled to work on your arrangements. The teachers of such a course will act as your safety net and, as an added bonus to you, will have extensive experience and oversee your project.

4. Have a Garden Wedding

Consider having the ceremony and/or the reception in a beautiful garden! Do you know someone that has a beautiful backyard and would be honored to host a wedding there? There will be no need for arrangements if you are already surrounded by lush greenery and blossoming flowers. Be prepared, though! Depending on the regional climate (or the time of year you hold your wedding), you may want to make use of either awnings, patios or sophisticated white open-air tents in case Mother Nature decides to become a wedding guest!

5. Cut down on attendants

By choosing fewer attendants, you will not have to provide as many bouquets and boutonnieres. Since small ceremonies are currently in vogue, it will be a natural progression to balance out the ceremony with a more intimate wedding party. Many couples favor a secluded setting with soft, glowing candles or lights to provide a devastatingly romantic theme. These more intimate, family oriented gatherings are also advantageous because they help the bride and groom to stay within their budget.

It is also very elegant to have your bridesmaid carry a single flower tied with a piece of satin ribbon. Choose a flower that matches one of those in the bride’s bouquet, or that signifies a special meaning to you.

6. Avoid having your wedding on or near a holiday

Flowers are generally in high demand around Valentines Day, Mother’s day, proms, graduations and other special holidays. Because of this, prices rise dramatically and certain flowers are often impossible to find. As if this isn’t enough bad news, florists tend to be extremely busy during holidays while they desperately try to keep up with their increased business. Will they be left with enough time to put the desired attention into your flowers?

You can take great advantage of this if planning your wedding around the Christmas holidays. It is a safe bet that most venues, either indoor or out, will be festively decorated before you arrive!

7. Use alternate centerpieces

It is not necessary to adorn every table with a high-priced floral centerpiece. Candles are beautiful and provide an amazing ambience! Try submerging an orchid (or flower of choice) in a glass container filled with water and float a candle on top. Also attractive is placing river rocks at the bottom of a glass container, adding water and floating a flower on top. Try using orchids, roses, peonies, camellias or gerberas.

A dramatic and stunning effect can be created with an inexpensive, rectangular mirror (much like the ones designed to hang on a bedroom door). Place the mirror reflective-side-up and let it run the length of the table, placing tealight candles at even intervals down the center. Sprinkle colored glitter or flower petals across the surface. The result is not only attractive, but sets the tone for your reception.

Tip: Search the internet and magazines for great ideas on alternative centerpieces.

8. Rent outdoor plants or small trees for an indoor garden effect

Decorate with greenery. Many nurseries will let you rent plants for your wedding and it is much cheaper than buying them. This will allow you to fill the room with greenery and make flowers more or less unnecessary. Use trees to fill up large spaces, and ivy garland to gracefully drape across the tops of doorways.

9. Let Your Flowers Do Double Duty

If your ceremony and reception are in two separate places (or even two separate rooms), let the floral arrangements that decorate the ceremony do double duty by using them to also decorate the reception! Find out if your florist is able to transport and setup the flowers at your reception after the ceremony is finished. There is usually sufficient time between the two, and you can save an incredible amount of time and money by “recycling” your beautiful, fresh flowers!

10. Forget the corsages

Corsages are not as trendy with modern weddings as they once were. 21st century Moms are trendy and don’t always want a flower pinned on them. Ask first.

You have waited your entire life to reach this day, and it should be as beautiful as you always imagined it would be. A ceremony without the soft, delicate beauty and fragrance of flowers would be like having a cake without icing. Although paying the traditional retail price for wedding flowers can cost you a bundle in materials and fees, utilizing these great cost saving tips will keep the floral arrangements from becoming one of the most expensive items on your budget checklist.

Wedding Flower Decorations

Wedding flower decorations like all other tasks are important to complete your wedding day. Of course there are many flowers to choose from which can present a problem if you don’t know what flowers to choose.

The easiest way to solve the problem is answer two questions before you begin your search.

The first question is what time of the year is your wedding taking place? There are certain flowers that are not available during every season of the year like the Calla Lily and the Aster to name a couple that are available during spring and summer time. Roses and Carnations are available all year round.

The second question is how much money will you spend on wedding flower decorations? Keep in mind a wedding will typically last 4 to 6 hours and flowers can sometimes go unnoticed. So if you wanted to cut costs, your flower budget is a good place to start.

Gardenias are popular and beautiful and smell beautiful but there are many choices you can make. The most popular flower brides look for to accent their wedding is the lily of the valley.

The problem with choosing the lily is you can only get them seasonally, mostly during the months of April and May. With seasonal factors in the mix you will have to research flowers to find what you like; which can be an easy task with the internet at your fingertips.

You could use artificial lilies of the valley if your wedding takes place during the off season; only if you choose to do so. The lily is usually chosen because of it’s strong fragrance.

Gardenias smell great and can also be another option for your wedding as well. You will know which to choose when the time is right. Chances are, you already have a favorite flower that you want for your wedding.

We got our wedding flower decorations from someone we knew who owned a flower shop. We met with her several times and of course she gave us a great price. The wedding flowers we chose were gardenias.

People choose flowers based on all kinds of traditions. It has been said the lily of the valley signifies a “return to happiness” and is used a lot in bridal arrangements.

Traditionally associated with May 1st, especially in France to give the ones you love a little bouquet of lilies of the valley. It was said to bring good luck and to celebrate that fact that spring was coming.

Lilies of the valley can be very expensive because they are seasonal. So, keep that in mind as you plan your wedding. This is where your research will come in handy. You will be able to find the flowers you like based on the history of the flower, the fragrance of the flower, the season of the flower and of course the cost of the flower.

Here is a technique not known to many to help you save when shopping for flowers. Most people head down to the local flower shop when shopping for wedding flowers and grab the first deal that someone gives them.

You are not always getting a good deal on wedding flower decorations when you may think you are. When you are ready to purchase flowers for your wedding here are two tips to help you save:

1. Get flowers that are always in season and you will pay less for them. 2. Visit your local (usually down town flower district) for flowers.

You should be able to buy them in bulk from the flower district. Go right to the wholesale source before the flowers hit the store and the prices are hiked up.

In conclusion, you should be able to get your wedding flowers at a lower cost if you make sure they are in season and check your local downtown flower district for a good deal.

You will know what to choose when the time is right. Chances are, you already have a favorite flower and now you just need to go make the deal.

After you get your flowers from wherever you choose, use strategies to spread them around sparingly and you might be able to get away with buying only one batch for the entire ceremony. Maybe the church can use fewer flowers so the reception area will get more and vise versa.

If you use them sparingly enough you might be able to throw a couple of extras on top of your wedding cake and save the cost of a wedding cake topper. You do have options when it comes to wedding flower decorations.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Wedding Flower Bouquets Learn About the Different Shapes Sizes & Styles

The perfect clutch of flowers will have the power to do two things – complement any color and style of wedding dress and help set a joyous mood at every turn. There are thousands of color combinations and a rainbow of hues to select when your planning your nuptials. Arranging gorgeous blossoms into the perfect wedding appropriate bouquet can be done in many different style and sizes. Depending on your dress, the formality of your wedding and your color palette, the size of your bouquet can have an affect on the unique look of your ceremony. Being savvy about your flower bouquet can create an eye-catching and memorable experience for your guests. No matter what type of blossoms are in your bouquets, you can be assured your wedding flowers will enhanced the beauty of your special day. Read on to learn more about the different types of wedding flower bouquets:

Hand-Tied Bouquets
These bouquets have a nature inspired look and are perfect for summer weddings that take place outside, such as in a garden or on the beach. These flower blooms are simply tied together, usually with a fancy ribbon or bow. These wedding flower bouquets are suitable for almost any setting, whether formal or informal. Adding textured flowers such as roses, peonies and chrysanthemum can add an extra elegance to your bouquet. If you are looking for a more personalized hand-tied bouquet, instead of using a ribbon, use meaningful objects such as your mother’s old wedding dress, etc. These bouquets are eye-pleasing and classical.

Cascade Bouquets
Cascade wedding bouquets are designed to resemble a “waterfall” of blossoms. Although these bouquets are beautiful to look at, they are usually only complementing to taller brides and dresses with a simpler design. Since the bouquet itself is larger, it is important to balance out the proportions of size and color with your dress. These bouquets are usually filled with flowers such as calla lilies, orchids, stephanotis and long, flowing greenery. The soft accents of green are an excellent backdrop for any other vibrant colors in your bouquet. A cascade bouquet can be striking on it’s own!

These smaller flower bouquets are popular among flower girls and bridesmaids. Tiny flowers such as spray roses, baby’s breath and lily-of-the-valley can create cute bouquets for your wedding. Another creative option for the posy flower bouquet is to use a couple larger flowers as focal points to complement your color scheme. These flowers arranged together can make quite a statement at your ceremony! This style of bouquet is perfect for children and has the ability to accompany every dress type. Some more examples of flowers that would work are hyacinths, hydrangeas and multicolored roses.

Over arm
This modern look is elegant and simple, yet extremely beautiful design for any wedding. Over arm bouquets are most commonly seen with long-stemmed flowers such as orchids, calla lilies and roses. These flower buds are your best guarantee because of their sturdy and durable stems. Wrapping these flowers together with a ribbon is also a stylish option. Figure fitting dresses are perfectly complemented with an over arm wedding bouquet. Keep in mind, holding the flowers for long periods of time during photos may make them become heavy – select lighter flowers if this is the case.

Round Flower Bouquet
Round wedding flower bouquets are the most commonly seen as bridal flowers. Although similar to the posy style bouquet, round bouquets are larger in size and usually contain a collection of various flowers. Using color to your advantage for these bouquets is important – use complementing or contrasting colors to create the biggest visual impact. Any wedding, whether formal or casual, can accompany a round wedding flower bouquet. If fragrance is an important part of your floral design, consider adding sweet smelling roses, lilacs or peonies to your bouquet. Capitalizing on flower texture, color and size, you can be assured to have the most striking bridal flower bouquet your guests have seen!

A lovely, creative and personal flower bouquet is just as much a part of your wedding day as finding the perfect dress. Selecting blooms based on the style of your dress, the color of your wedding palette and the availability of your flower choices can assure you that your choosing the right flowers – and help you save money at the same time. Your bridal flower bouquet is the glorious finishing touch to radiating the true beauty of your entire wedding. Call on flowers to set the mood and scene for the wedding you have dreamed of since childhood. Knowing the various designs of bouquets can help you select the perfect arrangement of complementing flowers for your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Accessories

When you are getting married, you want to make sure that you have the right look everywhere. This will include all of the accessories that you wear along with your dress. You want to make sure that you are accentuating all of the body when you are walking down the aisle. You may find that picking the right wedding accessories is not as easy as you may think.

The one thing that you want to do is make sure that you are wearing the right jewelry that makes your dress and you stand out. You will want to choose these items carefully. You have to consider many things. You need to think about the neckline that you have on your dress. There are different necklaces that you will have to choose from, which can be difficult. You want the right style that will fit with the neckline of the dress. You can try on different necklaces with your dress before you go out and find the one that you will wear for your big day.

The earrings are another big part of wearing the right accessories for your wedding day. You want to wear earrings that will go along perfectly with your dress and hair. You want to make sure that you are wearing earrings that will accentuate your face and go along perfectly with your necklace if you are wearing one and the other jewelry that you have on too.

You may want to think about the color of stones that you will want to have in your jewelry. You can choose from many different things. Think if you want to have colored stones, clear, or diamond stones. Some women like to fancier looks to their jewelry when they are walking down the aisle. Others like to have a simpler look to their wedding accessories.

You may also want to see about wearing some jewelry that you may have had passed down to you by a special family member. This would make the day more special and you will have something that meant something to others with you on your special day. This is a great way to use something that has been in the family for many years as well as have something, which means a lot to another person in your family. You will feel blessed to be able to have something so special on your wedding day. You will also be saving some money at the same time.

The shoes that you wear for your wedding day is important as well. You will want to consider a lot for this accessory as well. Think about the height that you want to have for your shoe. You will want to have enough height that you are not too tall for your groom. You want to be eye level or less with your groom on your wedding day. If you are already tall, you do not want to make yourself any taller than he is.

Think about the color that you want your shoes to be. You can choose to have something in the same color as your dress or you may also want to have something that is similar but a shade or two lighter or darker. You can have them encrusted with beads on them or have other decorations that will make your shoes stand out.

Think about the style of shoes that you want to wear for your wedding day. You will be able to choose from strapless, open, or closed toed. You may also want to think about the comfort of your shoes. Remember that you are going to be wearing your wedding shoes for a long time and you will have to dance and walk around in them. You want something that will make you feel comfortable and look your best as well.

Our Tips for Thanking Hotel Staff for Your Wedding

Catering/Special Events Manager

Your Event Manager is most likely your best friend by now! If they aren’t yet, they will be soon as your really get into your wedding planning. They are even part of the reason you booked your hotel we bet and have guided you through the whole planning process. They are your wedding navigator. As the Event Manager is such a special part of your wedding from beginning to end, a gratuity or gift for all their help is very nice gesture. When deciding how much to tip, we recommend for you to consider a few things:

  1. How much work/extras did the Manager put into your event?
  2. Were they present at your wedding most of the evening and until all the formalities were over?
  3. Wedding Budget – Many times this correlates with the amount of work that goes into a wedding. The bigger the wedding – the more work!

The average American wedding will cost anywhere from $25,000 – $35,000. Industry Professionals like Martha Stewart and Mindy Weiss’ in her Wedding Book have quoted $200 as a generous tip based on this wedding budget. If your wedding budget is higher than the average wedding and you have an amazing Event Manager perhaps something more generous is appropriate.

Banquet Manager

When tipping your Banquet Manager(s) consider how many worked on your wedding and how proactive they were. Normally your Banquet Manager is the one who stays with you from the beginning to end of your event. They put in a lot of hours making sure your wedding runs smoothly. In our opinion, they are also worthy of a thank you if all goes as planned. Again, when determining how much to give, consider the size of your wedding as well as how involved your wedding is and how late it will go. The more involved, the bigger the tip. I would recommend a $100 tip as a good start and go up from there.

Banquet Staff

Gratuity is almost always included in your contract for banquet staff. However, if you have a smaller wedding with a very attentive staff or wish to add additional gratuity for spectacular service that’s okay too! Remember when budgeting there are servers, busboys, bartenders and bar backs who should all be included.

Other Hotel Staff

If any other hotel staff has made a special impression on your during your stay or gone outside the realm of their job description, a tip is always a welcome thank you. Think the Bellman that carried your wedding dress safely to your room. A Housekeeper who may have steamed your wedding dress and your bridesmaids dresses or a Valet who always kept your car nearby for easy comings and goings.

There are so many people who are a part of making your wedding day special and stress free so remember to recognize them whether it’s with a gratuity or a heartfelt thank you note.

Wedding Flowers Defining Your Expectations

The wedding flowers that decorate the church will go a long way toward setting the mood for your wedding. Done right, a selection of well placed wedding flowers can give your event the sense of joy, expectation, solemnity, or pageantry you and your intended anticipate for your wedding. Done poorly… well, your wedding flowers will set the wrong mood for your wedding at best. At worst, your wedding flowers will make it appear that your wedding happened in a tacky looking facility or several decades earlier (actually, it can get worse, but we won’t talk about that – The point is to make sure we stay on the top of the scale with our wedding flowers, not the bottom).

The success of your wedding flower arrangements and decorations depends on your florist’s attention to detail, sense of style, flair, expertise, and the connection that the two of you achieve. Don’t assume that because a particular florist is highly respected you will get the wedding flower arrangement of your dreams. If there is no meeting of your minds, if you don’t feel like they are grasping what you are trying to communicate about your wedding flowers, theme, or both, keep looking. In most cases your wedding flowers will be more to your liking with your second choice that fully understands the theme and mood you are trying to set than with the reputed best florist in the city who isn’t listening or just isn’t managing to understand what you want from your wedding flowers.

Finding the right wedding flower specialist is easy if you begin your search prepared and know what to look for and what to stay away from: Being prepared means doing some dreaming about your wedding flowers. Doodle. Search bridal magazines. Look at wedding flower schemes in books and dream. Go to bridal shows. Go to weddings, if you can get an invitation, and dream. Collect pictures of wedding flower arrangements that you think will fit into the theme that you want to design your wedding flowers around. In short, have a pretty clear idea of what you want in your wedding flowers before you ever start visiting florists and bring the pictures with you. This will help them understand your vision for your floral arrangement.

The second step is like the first: Don’t even think of going to a florist without swatches of the material from your dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, and any other fabric that might affect the wedding color scheme (this is true of your cake decorator too). This is most especially true of your dress. White wedding dresses come in a wide variety of shades of white, so to ensure that the wedding flowers will properly accent your dress bring a swatch. A professional florist will know how to set it off so that the wedding flowers draw the attention to you in just the right way.

Once you have done your homework it is time to start actually looking for a florist to provide your wedding flowers. As in every other discipline, your first move should be to talk to people who have recently gotten married and get referrals from them. There is no shame in learning from the success and failures of others and doing so will generally save you a lot of grief. In the process, no doubt, you will discover that while most any florist can provide wedding flowers, some are more skilled, gifted, and experienced than others. Your goal is to identify these people and choose one of them to take the stress of your wedding flower needs off your hands.

Remember, wedding flowers work or don’t work on the florist’s attention to detail, creativity, and their ability to match your style. But part of their ability to perform depends on you communicating what you want and providing pictures and swatches. It’s your wedding; make sure it goes right by taking the time to prepare before you go shopping for those wedding flowers.

Wedding Flowers Cost Cutting

Wedding flowers cost cutting is often a concern for brides-to-be who want floral elegance featured at their wedding but don’t know how to save without cutting flowers out of their special day. As a retired wedding florist, I can suggest that the first rule of cost cutting on wedding flowers is to select your main flowers carefully.

You want to choose a flower that will look beautiful, will coordinate with your theme or color scheme, will not have an overpowering smell that will give you a headache on your special day and a flower that will look romantic and wedding appropriate. For this purpose, I have compiled a list of the top 5 flowers that may be perfect for your wedding while being cost conscious to save you money on your wedding flowers.

5. The Rose

Not the cheapest of the cheap flowers but definitely on the list due the rose’s ultimate role as The quintessential flower of romance. This all-star in the world of weddings comes in most colors and even in bi-colored, stripped and tipped roses too. Though roses are commonly associated with strong fragrance, not every rose is scented and even those that are scented are not overpowering. All these reasons make roses the ideal choice as a wedding feature flower. Of course, in order for your roses to be as cost conscious as possible, choose popular long stem rose colors such as red, pink, white, yellow or orange (in that order) Also, choose simple hand tied rose bouquets for minimum labor and a modern look. If you want to save even more money, make your own wedding bouquets. It’s not that complicated especially if you are following good step by step instructions written by a florist and if you are making hand held bouquets. If you decide to make your own boutonnieres and corsages, make sure to use sweetheart roses for a more elegant and long lasting look. On the same note, if ordering from your florist make sure she will use sweetheart roses for your body flowers.

4. The Gerbera

If gerbera daisies are your favorite flowers, you might want to choose this look for your wedding or for your special event. Inexpensive, cute, modern, easy and quick to work with, you will not have to worry about being able to achieve these simple bouquets in time if you decide to make them yourself. Gerberas come in a wide variety of colors and can therefore blend well with any color theme. Although you can easily choose hand-tied bouquets for the bride and the whole wedding party, you could also decide to have a more elaborate bouquet for the bride including a few gerberas or amongst other flowers while your bridesmaids could carry gerberas exclusively. You will have to provide a constant water source between the times when you or your girls will be holding the gerbera bouquets. This can be an advantage at your reception in the sense that if you provide elegant vases at the hall for them to place their bouquets in when they get there, these can also decorate and add style to your reception. For the boutonnieres and corsages, gerberas also come in the miniature versions although they are still approximately 4 inches in diameter; this is the ideal size for body flowers. Just one per lapel or wrist will suffice.

3. The Sunflower

Sunflowers are perfect for fall events and look beautiful with hypericum berries or other fall berries and foliage, Although sunflowers come in a few different colors besides yellow now, such as orange, brown and rust; going with yellow sunflowers ensures getting the healthiest and longest lasting budget flowers that will shine at your wedding. Sunflowers are perfectly suited for hand held bouquets. The bridesmaids could carry 3-5 sunflowers with fall foliage, berries and accents tied with a pretty bow, whereas the bride could carry a more elaborate bouquet featuring 5-7 sunflowers (any more would be too big) with 3-6 fall roses, berries and fall foliage, tied with a pretty bow. As for corsages and boutonnieres that will coordinate with a sunflower wedding…even the mini sunflowers are way too big for body flowers. Instead, I would suggest either mini yellow gerberas with the black center or novelty chrysanthemums, preferably with the black center as well.

2. The Carnation

Although carnations sometimes get a bad rap as being the cheapest undesirable flower, the truth is, carnations are long lasting, smell sweet without being overpowering and are easy to work with. For wedding elegance, I would suggest going with white or cream carnations if you want to use only carnations. If you prefer a mix of flowers, I would recommend combining carnations with daisies and poms for lovely mixed bouquets that won’t cost much and will have that wildflower look but will last so much longer and won’t wilt in the summer heat (as long as they have a source of water) Mini carnations are the perfect size for corsages and boutonnieres. One bloom with a bud is the ideal body flower when combined with a touch of foliage and perhaps a filler flower such as baby’s breath.

1. Daisies and Poms

Often neglected out of weddings, I cannot imagine why. Poms are pretty, long lasting and come in many types and forms. Daisies and poms are available in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, purple, lavender, orange and rust. They come in 3 varieties appropriate for weddings: button poms are like little flat balls atop a stem, flat poms look as the name implies and daisies which need no introduction. If you like the wildflower look, combine daisies with other types of forms in bouquet holders with greens and foliage. If you prefer a classier look, focus on flat and button mums. The bridesmaids could carry a round bouquet in a bouquet holder featuring poms, foliage and fillers while the bride could carry a cascading or round bouquet with poms, roses, foliage and fillers. The groom, groomsmen and parents could be wearing body flowers featuring similar types of mums, daisies, foliage and fillers. Be fore warned though that if some petals are pulled out of the main head of the flower, they will fall apart. Ultimately, daisies and poms will offer the best value and elegance for the lowest cost.

Wedding Dress Fabrics & Decorations

You’re doing your best to make everything perfect for your special wedding day. Here is some free advice when selecting your wedding gown. Make sure that you are getting the wedding dress that you really want. After all, its your wedding day and you deserve the perfect look that you want and need from a wedding dress. There are factors that will help you make the right choice for the material and the decorations that you will use for your wedding gown.

The first point to consider is that a wedding dress can be crafted from many different fabrics. You will quickly realize that there are a wide variety of styles that you will find fascinating. There are several materials to choose from such as is chiffon, crepe, satin, silk and so on. Be sure to consider the time of the year when you are getting married. You surely don’t want to wear a wedding dress made of a heavy material in the summer time! More over, if your planning a winter wedding, you will need to have a wedding dress that will help you stay warm and comfortable on your special day.

We recommend that you choose a wearable fabric for your special look. Wearable fabrics will not wrinkle up when you are sitting down. Because the bride is the star of the show, you will want to make sure that your dress that is made from materials that will make you look your best at all times. Your wedding day is full of activities and you will be sitting and standing a lot. You surely don’t want your wedding dress to become wrinkled or bunched up on your special day, especially when you will be posing for pictures all day long.

When choosing the right wedding dress, pay close attention to the different materials that will make your day shine. Feel the materials and then see what you want to have on your body that day. The materials will also have different looks to them. Think about if you want to have silky and shinny or another kind of material that you will feel good wearing.

There are several types of decorations that you can choose from too. Think about what you want for your dress and what will make you feel good while wearing it. Think about how you want to look in your wedding dress and the different beads and lace that you will want on your dress. There are many different things to choose from and this is what makes it fun. If you are getting a dress made, you can pick out the special things that you want as it is being created.

If you are looking for a dress that is already made, take notice of all the different decorations that are already on it. You can choose from many things. If you see the dress that you want and there is something on it that you do not like, you can always have it altered to your tastes.

Custom beadwork for wedding dresses has become very popular. You can have a wedding dress that is decorated perfectly, to your exact taste. There are elegant options and simpler styles that will make your day even more special. Why not add crystals and sparkle to make your dress stand out. This will allow you glimmering walk down the aisle in your special dress. Why not go all the way and add a headpiece and veil to complete the look of glamour.

Remember, the decorations and materials of a wedding dress are just as important as its color and style. Be sure to consider the style of wedding you are having. Whether you decide on a huge glimmering wedding or a smaller wedding, you want to be comfortable wearing a dress that will represent your personal taste and preference.

If you are still not sure what you want, look at some fashion magazines and see the different styles that are available. Glance through them, find the looks that you like and go to the store and find the exact same thing.

Tropical Wedding Flowers

Tropical wedding flowers make for a striking difference at any wedding. Large, colorful and often simply bizarre yet beautiful in appearance, these flowers have the propensity to completely transform your wedding, even oddly enough on a psychological level as well.

If holistically life is seen as a huge theater and we are individually actors and actresses who play out their scripts, than tropical wedding flowers serve as important props when the stage turns to weddings, especially tropical weddings.

What is remarkable in human behavior is when we momentarily lose our stock standard masks and have these replaced with something unconventional, our behavior tends to become unconventional as well. Tropical wedding flowers can very effectively act as that catalyst at your wedding, and once the guests find themselves enmeshed with and surrounded by tropical wedding flowers they themselves have the potential to simply achieve a level of relaxation that in many instances is unprecedented.

Place a lei of beautiful tropical flowers around everyone neck, disallow them from wearing shoes or using a tie and put an exotic flavored drink in their hand and they very quickly relax completely.

Allow them not to have control and to simply enjoy the company of the bridal couple and associated guests. It is a winning formula that will guarantee laughter and enjoyment. All of this of course is subtly but very effectively supported and enhanced by the use of tropical wedding flowers, in all forms, from the table centerpieces, church decorations, the bridal bouquet and even down to the corsages and boutonnieres.

From a bridal perspective you do however need to be mindful that even the best laid plans of mice and men (and in this case brides) can go awry. To create the right setting and ensure you are able to sustain the momentum from start to finish you need to avoid these critical mistakes with your tropical wedding flowers:

1. Less is more: Do not fall into the trap of overwhelming your wedding floral arrangements with too many tropical flowers, especially the bigger types of tropical flowers, for example bird of paradise, heliconias, ginger or proteas. These flowers are unusually physically large and are best used sparingly. If you use too many specimens your floral arrangement could start looking like a miniature amazon jungle and will lose its visual impact.

2. Flower longevity: Most tropical flowers are robust as cut flowers and will ensure a great return on investment, however be careful in terms of storage and handling. Remember that different species have different optimum storage conditions. Research and understand at what temperature to store your flowers and make yourself aware of the ethylene sensitivity of the flower. If you want to use hibiscus remember the cut bloom normally only lasts 24 hours and has a very weak stem. You need to plan to have your hibiscus blooms delivered as late and as fresh as possible.

3. Handling your flowers: Ensure you understand something about the nature of the tropical flowers you intend using and take proactive measures to avoid mistakes. Very often a tropical bride will need to keep her admiration at arm’s length in this respect, for example frangipanis exude a toxic, milky sap which can cause skin irritation if gloves are not used, or stargazer lilies which produce excess pollen that can cause unnecessary staining, particularly with the flower petals, table cloths and clothing. A tropical bride needs to be particularly vigilant with her wedding dress when using lilies.

4. Use a reputable supplier: Avoid being penny-wise but pound-foolish. Rather pay a little more for your tropical wedding flowers, but have the peace of mind that you will get great quality flower specimens from a reputable and reliable supplier. This is one area where you need to avoid cutting costs if at all possible.

5. Match you flowers properly: If a beach wedding or beach-type wedding is a serious consideration a tropical bride needs to think carefully about her wedding floral arrangements. Her fundamental decision probably comes down to two basic choices, either she goes exclusively with tropical flowers or she uses a combination of standard wedding flowers and tropicals.

A lot of the tropical wedding flower varieties are a lot larger than their traditional non-tropical peers and can be used most effective with hand-tied bouquets, cascade bouquets and single stem bouquets.

An important aspect of any tropical bride’s choice is that her flowers need to be somewhat robust in nature to withstand the rigors of the humidity, salty wind, occasional monsoon downpour and of course the ever-present heat.

Above all a tropical bride needs to use common sense with most of these issues, after all forewarned is forearmed and why spend unnecessary time and effort on resolving a tropical wedding flower issue when it could have been avoided in the first place. Proper planning in this regard simply builds the foundation for a successful tropical wedding.

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