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Using Blue Wedding Flowers in Your Wedding Bouquets Centerpieces and Flower Arrangements

For most modern couples, the use of blue flowers and decorations in their weddings symbolizes unity and grandeur. Also the color blue adds class and elegance to any kinds of weddings, be it a formal wedding or a casual one. And there are plenty of shades to choose from with this color, just be careful in choosing the shades you want to include in your blue wedding decor because the hues might clash with each other.

Blue wedding flowers have a striking appeal if combined with other colors, however these flowers are not meant to be the main theme of your wedding flowers. Dark blue wedding flowers like navy blue wedding flowers go well with purple wedding flowers, because the color purple can add richness to the cool blue flowers. A prime example would be Delphinium flowers with purple ivy and ferns.

Flowers are very delicate to arrange, but with a perfect color combination, you’ll get wonderful bouquets and flower arrangements. If you want roses, you can either have white roses dyed blue or mix white roses with blue flowers instead. Blue and white wedding flowers can really make a striking combination.

To add a dramatic splendor to your reception, blue and yellow flowers would be a great combination to use. The yellow flowers will lighten the color of your blue flowers. With yellow flowers as accents, you can embellish your decorations with gold ribbons and still won’t look odd. You can use iris in blue and yellow as decorations in your reception, perfect as table centerpieces.

Royal blue is another gorgeous color to highlight your wedding. These flowers offer a sophisticated look when combine with pretty pink flowers. Also, light blue flowers go well with pink flowers. This combination is perfect for wedding bouquets and centerpieces as well. Green wedding flowers in olive green and lemon green also look good when paired up with blue flowers.

Also, if you’re wedding colors are blue, and you’re going to wear a blue bridal dress (or have your bridesmaids wear blue), your blue wedding flowers cannot be seen in your wedding photos. So it is advisable to combine your blue flowers with flowers in different colors to make it stand out among the other blue wedding decorations. Blue flowers are not advisable to use if your wedding will happen during night time; use light colors instead.

These wedding ideas will make your wedding planning a bit easier when you want nice floral arrangements for your wedding. Though arranging blue wedding flowers is somewhat difficult, it is very versatile that you can combine it with decorations in any color and have a remarkable effect that can only be achieved with unique choices. Finding the perfect match for your floral choices is like finding your groom; a bit tough but it’s really worth it.

Best Advice For Your Wedding Make Over

The best plan of action for a wedding make over is to aim to enhance natural features, rather than try a drastic change of look. A wedding makeover needs to start months before the big day, and should include a healthy eating and exercise plan as well as weekly facial treatments leading up to the date. The last facial treatment should be scheduled two weeks prior to the wedding to give the skin time to expel the last of its toxins and heal properly (no one wants a breakout on their big day!).

The makeup plan is an integral part of the wedding make over, and needs to be considered carefully. The most important part of a bridal look is a flawless face, so getting the foundation right is essential. An increasingly popular option for wedding makeup is airbrush foundation because it provides the three-fold benefits which include a flawless base, being extremely long-wearing and it looks and feels like natural skin.

Airbrushing can come in handy for giving the right definition and highlights to the face without looking overdone. Because the face is the most photographed part of the body on the wedding day, there needs to be strong contouring and highlighting on cheeks, nose and jaw-line. This can tend to look forced with regular foundation application, but can be blended seamlessly with an airbrush. Looking for a makeup artist or salon that specializes in airbrushing will help immensely with your wedding make over.

The wedding make over shouldn’t be a drastic transformation (i.e. blonde hair shouldn’t be dyed black) rather a subtle highlighting of natural features. Traditionally bridal makeup is in soft tones, without harsh lines or an over-dramatic eye-liner. Obviously personal taste will be the deciding factor, but keeping in mind that your husband-to-be wants to be able to recognize you at the alter is important!

A few things to take into consideration when planning your wedding makeover include:

  • Avoid red lips, as this can tend to make teeth look yellower, not a good look in wedding photos and is more likely to kiss-off during the event
  • Use makeup products and techniques (like airbrushing) which are long-lasting and will not wear off. Remember that you are going to have to hug, kiss and smile for a multitude of people and photographs, and you want to look your best from beginning to end.
  • Try not to choose hairstyles which require a gallon of hairspray to hold in place. While your hairdo needs to last through the entire event, a sure-fire “romance killer” on a wedding night is untangling a mass of rock hard sprayed hair.

A wedding make over should enhance and highlight the natural beauty of the bride. There are many tips and tricks for the wedding day make over, so make sure you check them out long before the big day arrives.

Wedding Flowers For Budget Minded Brides

You surely want beautiful flowers for your wedding day. However, it is important that those gorgeous flowers fit into your budget. You need to figure out ways that you can have exactly the flower settings you want without having to pay a great deal of money. Well, you are in luck as this article will offer you some great budget tips to help you when looking for the perfect flowers for your wedding.

Okay, lets get started. The first thing you need to do is prepare your budget for wedding flowers. Once you have your budget, take a trip to your local florist and let them know what your budget is. Be sure to let the florist know that your budget is firm. This will help you to keep your budget on track.

Try to use flowers for your wedding that are in season. This is one small trick that will help to make the overall price less costly. Try sticking with domestic flowers such as lilacs, lilies or daffodils for your wedding as they are perfect for weddings and are less expensive. Stay away from imported flowers as they usually cost an arm and a leg!

Don’t forget to inform the florist that your budget is inclusive of flower delivery and wedding setup. Be weary of additional charges for these items as they are often in the small print of wedding florist contracts. Be sure to get written receipts for all deposits and payments that you have made as this will help you to stay informed and be more in control of the situation.

Instead of your bridesmaids carrying bouquets, why not have them carry a single flower? This adds a touch of class and saves you much money too! Another tip is to take care of as many of the flower arrangements as you can yourself. Let the florist take care of the tedious work while you handle the less demanding wedding flower decorations.

Why not plan to have your wedding inside of a beautiful flower garden? You will already have all the beautiful flowers surrounding you and you will save lots of cash in the process. If you decide on a church wedding, keep to smaller flower arrangements. Your goal should be to enhance the beauty of the church, not take away from it. Keep your flower arrangements small, sweet and in good taste. This adds an air of elegance yet can be rather inexpensive..

You may want to have the bridesmaids carrying a single flower instead of a bouquet. You will find that this is a simple yet elegant look that will save you a lot of money. You will find these to be a great look as well as fitting into any budget. You can save money as well by taking care of the flower arrangements yourself. You can have the florists take care of the corsages to save money.

Why not grow your own flowers for your wedding? Garden wildflowers are an excellent choice for your wedding. You can grow wildflowers in just about any area and they can provide a special, unique look for your wedding. If you do decide to go this route, be sure to allow them enough time to grow so they are mature in time for your wedding.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions of your florist. Be sure to confirm exactly what everything is going to cost to avoid any unexpected situations. Confirm delivery schedules and allow ample time to approve flower arrangements designs created by your florist. Be sure to set aside extra time when preparing your wedding floral arrangements. After all, its your wedding and your special day!

Hot Wedding Tips Wedding Jewelry For Bridesmaids

If you are planning all of the details of your wedding down to the design on the napkins at the reception you really have your work cut out for you. This can be a very overwhelming task. Yet the rewards are also great. Having a wedding day exactly like you had always dreamed of is a huge reward. However knowing that you planned all of the details yourself makes it that much sweeter.

One of the things you will want to consider is wedding jewelry for bridesmaids. This is not a have to and many times you can skip this. However, if you are serious about choosing all of the details and having everything come out just perfect then you will want to choose the jewelry for your bridesmaids. One of the biggest side benefits of choosing your wedding jewelry for the bridesmaids is it can also serve the second function of being a bridesmaid gift after the wedding. This article will help guide your through making some of the important decisions when choosing wedding jewelry for bridesmaids.

The Wedding Theme

One important thing to always keep at the forefront of your memory is your wedding theme. Your wedding theme should really determine and help guide your entire decision making. For wedding jewelry this is no different. You want to choose jewelry that is consistent with your wedding theme. For example if you are having a very formal classic church wedding then you will want to also purchase classic looking jewelry. Most likely this would be pearls. If you are doing some other type of wedding like a themed wedding then you will want to choose jewelry that goes along with the theme. For example if you are having a beach themed wedding or a beach destination wedding then you should choose your jewelry accordingly.

The Wedding Dress

Another consideration when choosing the jewelry for your bridesmaid is your own wedding dress. The wedding dress and bride should be the central focus of attention for the wedding. Therefore you want the jewelry you choose for yourself and your bridesmaid to really compliment and not compete with your wedding dress. Some things to think about are the style of the dress and the neckline. If you have a very ornate dress with lots of extra design details on the front then you might not need a necklace and should opt instead for earrings and maybe a bracelet. However, if your wedding dress is simple or has an open neckline or even a strapless dress then you want to accent this area with a beautiful necklace.

The Bridesmaid Dresses

Just as you want to plan the jewelry around your wedding dress you want to think about the bridesmaid dresses also. Again you will want to choose jewelry that is flattering but not competing for attention. Often the bridesmaid dress will have some color in it and you can pick up these color themes in the jewelry. Remember you can always just go with the classic option of pearls and you are sure to win. However, if you want a more relaxed or even artistic look you might want to do a mix of pearls with some other beads. A choker necklace with a beautiful pendant can also look great if the bridesmaid dresses are open in the front.

The most important thing is to try and plan ahead. Don’t just go to the store blindly and pick anything out that strikes your fancy. Instead take some time and plan the jewelry style you are looking for based on your wedding. IF you have some ideas of what you want like a chocker or pearls then you can use this when you go shopping. Make sure you tell the salesperson right away what you are looking for so you don’t waste your time being shown a bunch of options that will not work for you. It makes a lot of sense if possible to buy the bridal jewelry for yourself and for your bridesmaids at the same time. This way you can be sure that you have completed the whole job and the wedding jewelry for the bridesmaids matches or enhances your own jewelry.