Our Tips for Thanking Hotel Staff for Your Wedding

Catering/Special Events Manager

Your Event Manager is most likely your best friend by now! If they aren’t yet, they will be soon as your really get into your wedding planning. They are even part of the reason you booked your hotel we bet and have guided you through the whole planning process. They are your wedding navigator. As the Event Manager is such a special part of your wedding from beginning to end, a gratuity or gift for all their help is very nice gesture. When deciding how much to tip, we recommend for you to consider a few things:

  1. How much work/extras did the Manager put into your event?
  2. Were they present at your wedding most of the evening and until all the formalities were over?
  3. Wedding Budget – Many times this correlates with the amount of work that goes into a wedding. The bigger the wedding – the more work!

The average American wedding will cost anywhere from $25,000 – $35,000. Industry Professionals like Martha Stewart and Mindy Weiss’ in her Wedding Book have quoted $200 as a generous tip based on this wedding budget. If your wedding budget is higher than the average wedding and you have an amazing Event Manager perhaps something more generous is appropriate.

Banquet Manager

When tipping your Banquet Manager(s) consider how many worked on your wedding and how proactive they were. Normally your Banquet Manager is the one who stays with you from the beginning to end of your event. They put in a lot of hours making sure your wedding runs smoothly. In our opinion, they are also worthy of a thank you if all goes as planned. Again, when determining how much to give, consider the size of your wedding as well as how involved your wedding is and how late it will go. The more involved, the bigger the tip. I would recommend a $100 tip as a good start and go up from there.

Banquet Staff

Gratuity is almost always included in your contract for banquet staff. However, if you have a smaller wedding with a very attentive staff or wish to add additional gratuity for spectacular service that’s okay too! Remember when budgeting there are servers, busboys, bartenders and bar backs who should all be included.

Other Hotel Staff

If any other hotel staff has made a special impression on your during your stay or gone outside the realm of their job description, a tip is always a welcome thank you. Think the Bellman that carried your wedding dress safely to your room. A Housekeeper who may have steamed your wedding dress and your bridesmaids dresses or a Valet who always kept your car nearby for easy comings and goings.

There are so many people who are a part of making your wedding day special and stress free so remember to recognize them whether it’s with a gratuity or a heartfelt thank you note.